Welcome to Life

Welcome to rosekingauthor.me. Nothing in this life can change or redesign your God given destiny.  You were predesigned to prosper and experience success to the fullest.  Before you came to this life, seeds of greatness were etched into our DNA, and nothing will ever change it. The world did not give it and it cannot take it away either. 

Friends, I have lived, cried, loved, and laughed. You are being invited into my life and my world. Life is a journey.  We all have one. My journey has been one of many variations.  Never allow the bumps and bruises along the way to determine or limit our achievements.  I invite you to explore this site, which is a reflection of my life journey and possible yours also.   

Know within your heart, you made the best choices you could at the time where you were, and with the tools you had been given.  Believe in yourself, love yourself, trust yourself, and forgive yourself for any conditioned responses that were contrary to who you were created to be. Everything you have experienced was by Divine appointment.  The neighborhood you grew up in, the parents you had or did not have, the extended family you acquired and the ones you met along the way was part of the Divine plan for you.