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Rose King’s journey began in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Education has been her greatest accomplishments and catalyst into self discovery, opening doors to people, places, and opportunities that could not have been possible without it.

She accomplished a bachelors degree from Pace University, Masters degree from the University of Phoenix, and currently pursuing a PhD in Public Health.

Rose is a registered nurse, a motivational speaker, has used wisdom gained from her life experiences to insightfully encourage, inspire, others to become their best selves. The power of prayer, affirmations and walking by faith has been her staples while going through the throes of life.

Rose has had a unique life of many struggles which she has overcome and has used to empower her life and become stronger. She has taken the lessons learned of yesterday, to guide and lead the future from here on in. Because of her life lessons, has the ability to insightfully coach others on their journey, transformation and change to live an empowered life.

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